Photo by Paul Bridgewater

Photo by Paul Bridgewater

“Dickey’s well-vetted account…illuminates the mystery and controversy of a bizarre tradition throughout the ages.” — Publishers Weekly

“Colin Dickey… has served up a fascinating book. Well-researched, clear and concise, this book is full of interesting historical anecdotes.” — ForeWord Magazine

“Weaving the story’s details among other equally bizarre episodes of renowned craniums gone missing, Dickey fairly considers what motivated graveyard pilferers….Those with a taste for the macabre who may have read Brian Burrell’s Postcards from the Brain Museum (2005) and Russell Shorto’s Descartes’ Bones (2008) will enjoy Dickey’s eccentric tales.” — Booklist

“…smartly written account….” — Maclean’s magazine [Canada]

“It was larceny most ghoulish” — Boston Globe

Cranioklepty is a revelatory book for those who think of head-hunting as an activity pursued only by non-European cultures. This story of European head-hunting and its relationship to modern science is a fascinating read with an all-star cast that includes Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn. The admonition to ‘Keep your head on’ has never sounded so bittersweet!” — Dr. Robert Hicks, Director of the Mütter Museum