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Some Upcoming Events:

April is the cruelest month, particularly if you find listening to me read cruel. I’ll be giving a few different readings at a few different excellent venues, to whit:

On Saturday, April 9, I’ll be reading along with the extremely excellent Amina Cain and Amarnath Ravva. This is part of Atlas Obscura’s 2011 Obscura Day, which we’re thrilled to be a part of. I’ll be reading from my ongoing work-in-progress about the lives of the saints (other pieces of which can be found here and here).

Here’s more info:

Dead Saints, Fulgarites, and Botanical Expeditions

Join Betalevel for expert talks on odd subjects: Amina Cain will speak on oil burning lamps and fulgurites; Colin Dickey will share stories of mutilated saints; and Amar Ravva will take us to Australia on the Investigator with an account of a few early botanical expeditions.

Located in a basement down two back alleys in the heart of Chinatown, Betalevel will open its doors for a day of readings and an odd tour of downtown Los Angeles – part performance space, part music venue, part speakeasy.

Details/Special Instructions:

Open to the public but probably not suitable for children.

Betalevel is located behind the Full House Restaurant in Chinatown

That day will also feature another event sponsored by Betalevel and Atlas Obscura as part of Obscura Day, a Paranoid Bike Ride through downtown LA, led by Sean Deyoe and Jason Brown. This will also be truly excellent; details:

Join Betalevel members Jason Brown and Sean Deyoe for a paranoia bike ride throughout Los Angeles. Explore stops around downtown for the lizard tunnels, alien contactees, cybernetic nodes, and the LA.

Details/Special Instructions:

Bring your own bike and be prepared for a two-hour long, moderate intensity bike ride.

The Paranoid Bike Ride will convene at Chungking Plaza on Hill Street (between College and Bernard)

On April 30, I’ll be lecturing alongside Jason Brown and Jason Torchinsky at Machine Project. I won’t speak for the Jasons, but I’ll be discussing Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology, the Phantom Time Hypothesis, Alberto Santos-Dumont, Cyrus Teed, and various failed Apocalypses. Some more details here.

If you can’t make the LA lecture, Jason, Jason and I will be delivering the same lecture a week later in Berkeley, on Friday, May 6. (NOTE: unless the April 30 event is a disaster, in which case we have a week to make it better.) Details here.

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  1. B F

    8 years ago

    I’m sorry to comment on your blog, but I wanted you to know I quoted you in something I wrote:

    Thirteen ways of looking at an execution

    “What death your god of peace brings.”
    - Colin Dickey

    1. Twenty something years this is coming, you just discover him today of days a few counties under your feet.

    2. When young and asked your desert island last meal you say, chocolate ice cream, eaten forever, I’ll never get tired of it, I’ll remember every one. 

    3. Truck and I rode out today, chained 
    To a man, across a quiet field for the deer to get what the rocks miss 
    Crying mouths open as they were.

    4. We sent our diffident reporters way down south and they pronounced awkwardly some locals’ names.
    As if Christ should vacate his heaven
    Come down and instruct us.

    5. The state: mother,
    And our bed is dangerous with roses
    And turning lights
    She feeds me and closes
    My mouth with a clean finger

    6. Achilles slept on his sword before battle and it killed a thousand men and horses, and got songs still done about it today, so:
    O State. 

    7. Mother…mother. 

    8. One had cancer and stood for the first time under hot camera light in for her son, dying tonight.

    9. While Ulysses slipped off unnoticed 
    Killed somewhere by something, Time, anyway. 
    As for me I passed my requisite fitness test
    The old ways that say the blood should know who sent it

    10. I sleep unruffled tonight
    Believing with god and his angels and  all of my loudspeaker heart
    That justice means unruffled sleep tomorrow. 

    11. “….!”
     ”No, I am saying Achilles and Homer were some kind of monster.”

    12. The field was quiet and deep.

    13. Someone take this will from me. Written in water it runs out beneath the bars, to the field. It says the field was quiet and deep. 

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